Architectural space design involves elements and furnishing accessories.  Hardware for doors and windows falls into the latter category, which is often seen as secondary when it can be a precious resource for discreetly defining a project’s personality.

The ENTO handle approach is based on its complementary function and appearance. Our name is an incomplete word, just like doors and windows without mechanisms that allow them to be opened or closed.

The range products design is a personal vision, which avoids any extremes.

Ento offers designers a high-quality alternative in the field of door and window handles. 



Ento is a Salice Paolo brand – a historic classic handle company founded in Cantù in 1937. It is positioned in the high-end of the market and distributed to more than 80 countries.

In 2018, after years of investments in its modern range, Fabrizio and Luisa Salice, together with the creative director Davide Diliberto, split it from the rest of the classic catalogue, to give the range its best chance of development and to create an independent brand.

Ento inherits the same extended quality and true Made in Italy concept, with the exclusive use of brass and controls on 100% of samples in all finishing stages.

Design builds a strong, coordinated image, a careful and never padded communication. This led to the range separation following the Architectural, Aesthetic and Special Product concept.  It is a choice dictated by the desire to facilitate architects, interior designers and customers in the research and selection phase of the accessories to be included in their projects. For the same reason, we aim to extend each range according to its aesthetic and functional potential to make the widest variants and accessories to complete a project with the most coordinated elements possible.  The Coordinating Tool gives an immediate overview of the available options, suggests consistent combinations and allows a quick and effective dialogue with the company when preparing a purchase order.

Each new product is created in collaboration with internationally renowned designers and emerging talents, who can imagine precise use contexts, combinations and trends, following Ento’s philosophy.



The uncompromising true Made in Italy quality –  ideas, designs, moulds, finishing and checks on every piece.


The whole range is made of brass which is the best material to guarantee finishes without defects, high resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents and the maximum sensation of weight and firmness to the grip.


Each piece is checked during the finishing phases which means an unattainable quality standard with automated management or sample checks. 


H-Finish is the technology that guarantees high physical, chemical and durability performance, up to three times higher than traditional electroplating bath finishes. The process takes place in an autoclave, where the combination of high temperatures, noble gases and electrically charged vaporised precious metals creates a layer of material that binds to the product at the molecular level. This guarantees exceptional physical-chemical characteristics. 


S-COATING is the powder coating technology used follows prerogatives that are already well established in the faucets industry. The whole Ento S-COATING line is anti-fingerprint and aim to highlight handle's shape.

  • Plexiglass


  • Glass


  • Crystal



Brass is contrasted by the visual lightness of transparent materials, chosen based on each model design and the required visual properties.

All products with glass and crystal parts are tested to withstand the expected bending loads.


R6 thin components

R6 thin components: 6 mm thick, 50 mm diameter roses and escutcheons, including an integrated spring box.
Simpler installation, higher solidity and no need for a special door setup.


The C3 rose, with its integrated return spring, is the smallest on the market.  It is 33 mm diameter and 3 mm thick and is a technical and aesthetic result that enhances the handle and door.

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All the Ento components are designed to guarantee the best performance and to give an immediate feeling of solidity and reliability.

Roses and escutcheons are available in Patent and Yale versions.  Assembly is easy and intuitive. The products are available with the German Kit GK, specifically designed for all situations where it is impossible to use the sub-rose standard system such as cases where there is reduced thickness or poor wood-tightness.  Two threaded rods firmly fasten each door pair of sub-roses, through two holes with 38 mm inter-axis.

The system is perfectly compatible with traditional roses and is available in versions for Patent and Yale escutcheons.

Kit GK
Trace Me Code

The Trace Me Code is displayed on the label of each package, allowing you to check the authenticity online.

A quick and simple system: open the tab in the menu and enter the 13-digit code found on the package label. The system works after registration, to guarantee maximum safety and reliability.


Ento inherits Salice Paolo’s knowledge. Salice Paolo could manage a catalogue with more than 20 chemical and galvanic finishes, with industrial and manual processes.  For design-oriented products, the finishes range is limited to the most common and easily matched.



CR:  Galvanic bath for polished chrome


CRS:  Galvanic bath for satin chrome


H-GR: H-FINISH graphite with very high physical, chemical and durability performance


S-NO: Matt black enamel S-COATING anti-fingerprint


FLA:  Galvanic bath for polished chrome with subsequent manual surface treatment that creates a shiny effect.

Genuine italian product