From 1976 to 1982 he faced issues relating to different project cultures, working in the architecture line (restoration of the Palazzo della Ragione in Milan), interior design (furniture, lamps, interior), industrial design (Termozeta, Oerre, Ellepi, Campini, SHG) and graphics, working for the offices of JLMonk, M. Dezzi Bardeschi, M. Bellini.

He graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1983.

He collaborate with the Monumenti di Milano Office for the renovation and reuse of high historical and artistic interest buildings.

Since 1983 he worked for product design with various firms

  • ROADSTAR: car radio, hi-fi complex, phones
  • FORMA & FUNZIONE: lighting
  • ORVEL: alarms
  • GEMINI: car-alarms
  • BIEFFE: household fittings
  • SERVETTO: servocamera (Servohotel)
  • DATA-B: computer science systems, information panel (DS-45)
  • ELLECOM: coffee makers
  • AEG: hotfans
  • OBR: inhalers
  • SIDEROS: electric grids (Venice)
  • VISA: sandwich maker, fans
  • IMETEC: hotfans (Gradus)
  • BOSCH: portable air conditioners

Since 1984 he joined the CID PHILIPS MDA, then WHIRLPOOL working in different product areas and as decision-maker of product design for the Microwave line.
From 1986 to 1996 he dealt with corporate identity and product design for the CEV PAGANI group, VELAMP, VELAMP SECURITY.
From 1991 he became decision-maker for product design for CARRIER RLC
From 1996 to 1999 he dealt with corporate identity for FARA group companies.
From 1996 to 1998 he dealt with exhibition and graphic design for POLAROID Italia.
Since 1997 he worked with the Central Industrial Design WHIRLPOOL for research activities aimed at defining future products.
In 1997 he collaborated with GT AUTO ALARM for car alarms design.
From 1997 to 1999 he worked with JOUD RIVIERA for household appliances design.
In 1998 he collaborated with TERIM for built-in ovens design.

He was given a recognition for the following products:

  • VELAMP "Manhattan" (selection BIO 13)
  • SERVETTO "Servohotel" (second award at the Five Star Competition in 1991, selection at the 16th Edition of the Compasso d'Oro Competition in 1991)
  • VELAMP "Linear, Velife" (selection at the 16th Edition of the Compasso d'Oro Competition in 1991)
  • CARRIER "Hi-Wall" (exposed at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, selection at BIO 14)
  • CARRIER "Holiday" (Honorable Mention at BIO 15)
  • CARRIER “Global Cassette Alpine” (selection at the 28th Edition of the Compasso d'Oro Competition, selection at BIO 16, selection for ADI DESIGN INDEX)
  • VELAMP "Bicycle Kit" (Honorable Mention at the 28th Edition of the Compasso d'Oro Competition, Honorable Mention at BIO 16)
  • WHIRLPOOL “Premium Line” built-in household appliances (Honorable Mention at BIO 17, selection for ADI DESIGN INDEX)
  • CARRIER "Holiday Elite" (Honorable Mention at BIO 17)
  • GT AUTO ALARM "Car alarm" (selection at BIO 17)
  • CARRIER "night & day" split-system (selection at BIO 18)
  • INDA “Fluid Line” f(selection at BIO 18)
  • WHIRLPOOL "bauhaus" built-in household appliances, Bauknecht brand (selection for ADI DESIGN INDEX)
  • IAR-SILTAL "Drop line" washing machine (selection at BIO 18, selection for ADI DESIGN INDEX)
  • CARRIER “Global cdu" (selection at BIO 18)
  • CARRIER "Terminal Fan coil" (selection for ADI DESIGN INDEX)
  • BEST design hood “CORTINA” (selection for ADI DESIGN INDEX, selection at the 28th Edition of the Compasso d'Oro Competition in 2004)
  • SIDEROS stove fireplace "foco 160" (selection at BIO 19)
  • FRANKE built-in ovens range "AXIS-GALLERY-DESIGN CHEF-DESIGN METAL-DESIGN GLASS (selection at BIO 19)
  • CARRIER SUTRAK bus air conditioner (selection for ADI DESIGN INDEX)
profile Giuliano Galeazzi

the products for Ento

His eclectic approach to the project has created some best-selling products for Ento, innovative from a technical and formal point of view and yet with a discreet presence