ELAN - NEWS 2020

(posted on 16 June 2020 - Comunicazione)

Ento is pleased to announce a new international collaboration with Patrick Norguet. Elan redefines the formal canon for handles. The neck is squared off, cut to the smallest dimensions possible for installation, visually blended with the thin and ergonomic lever. Perception changes depending on the angle of observation: from the top, it looks like a faint single wing, and from the other sides, the reduced thickness is remarkable: both the neck and the lever are only 13 mm wide. Elan conveys lightness and modernity with a neutral mix of technical and organic shapes.


“This new collaboration with Ento is the occasion to experiment with a unprecedented approach and to ponder this object that we use every day. Designing a door handle is a complex task that requires great honesty at the drawing board. This object makes it possible to pass from one environment to the next, and thus it is the invitation to make a transition between two spaces. I wanted to design a simple product that was characteristic and discreet, while also being fluid and tactile.  Its dynamic, organic lines beckon to be touched, and the decisive aesthetics give personality to any room and certainly to the door!” (Patrick Norguet)


Brochure available here.