TECA - NEWS' 2020

(posted on 21 July 2020 - Comunicazione)

The Teca handle blends modern style and tradition. Rigorous architectural shapes convey chased metal’s timeless charm.

The finished surface is framed like a precious element on the front face up to the neck without interruptions. The result is a unique aesthetic presentation. Essential textures are designed to discreetly decorate with lines or squares and to be suitable for a wide range of projects.


 “What guides me throughout all my projects is a quest for aesthetic beauty while always remaining simple and functional. Handles designed for Ento fulfil the innate sense and need for beauty that is intrinsically Italian, and uniquely belongs to the Italian design tradition. Teca, in its two versions Quadro and Riga, was inspired by the great history of Italian goldsmithing.”

(Matteo Nunziati)


Available versions are Teca riga and Teca quadro, which are supplied with the new low R6 rose, only 6 mm thick. The handle is available also for windows and on plate. Like all the products in the range, Teca is made entirely of brass. Teca is available in chrome, satin chrome and high-performance H-Finish graphite which  guarantees excellent physical, chemical and long-lasting performance.