Connect human habits with technologies. This has always been the focus of Manuela Bucci's work. Artistic soul and profound technical expertise, combined by passion. Photographer, with a poetic-pragmatic vision of the real and a very personal concept of portrait, digging in the personality of the subjects, Manuela Bucci approaches the design by working for Cini Boeri after graduating in industrial design at the Politecnico di Milano in 2000. She matures her creative elegance, the subsequent experience with Aldo Cibic leads to the ironic expression of talent that builds iconic everyday objects of usability. The last experimental dump, before flying alone, she is next to the famous Japanese designer Makio Hasuike. In 2004, after an excursion through Italian design studios and a valuable experience from Ariston, Manuela Bucci enters the Zagato Carrozzerie in order to deal with projects that assimilate design to electronics. A bridge for the passage to Indesit, where Bucci is entrusted with creating the international design team. Activities that the designer continues today, for Indesit, Hotpoint / Ariston and Scholtes brands, at the back of her design studio, whose prerogative is to provide integral solutions from concept to graphics, trends analysis, corporate identity and image to Business and communication support.