(posted on 22 June 2022 - Eventi)

With a view to enhancing local realities, Ento collaborates for the first time with the historic Liceo Artistico Fausto Melotti of Cantù.


Within the PCTO (formerly School-Work Alternation) program, third and fourth year students experimented with the design of the handle, with the direct support of Fabrizio Salice, General Manager, and Davide Diliberto, Creative Director of the brand.


Technical constraints, expressive possibilities and aspects related to the presentation of a project have become elements of strong stimulus for students who have proposed original ideas and even with commercial potential.



The projects, awarded with a Certificate of Excellence:

Third class: Zoele Battaglia, Taisia ​​Bosetti, Giancarlo Tommaso Raffaele.

Fourth class: Francesco Butti, Sara Colombo, Elizaveta Mamliutova


The teachers:

Mrs. Maria Teresa Gandolfi

Mr. Ignozio Iennaco

Mr. Aurelio Porro


Liceo Melotti says