Graziella Bianchi obtained her artistic maturity at the State Institute of Art for the Furniture in Cantù with a specialization in fabrics. Since its foundation it actively collaborates in the management of the company and is administrative manager.


Renzo Fauciglietti, who graduated in Cantù at the State Institute of Art for Furnishing, attended the STS (Higher Technical School of Engineering) in Switzerland and then a master's degree in Industrial Design.

It has strengthened its know-how through continuous updating, collaborating with the most important Italian and foreign cultural institutions: Polytechnic of Milan, MIP, ITI, Centro Volta di Como, SDA Bocconi, C.N.R. from Milan.

In 1986 they founded the OK study and then as direct emanation, in 1989 FAUCIGLIETTI Engineering with a specific intent to contribute to the renewal of R & D, design and creation of new design products with real innovative contents that led to the filing of many patents of invention.

Fauciglietti receives several awards at national and international level including:

COMPASSO D'ORO and 5 ADI announcements, 1st prize at NESTE FORMA FINLANDIA, 1st and 2nd TECNHOTEL prize in Genoa, Silver Medal at BATIMAT in Paris and the Design Award for Materialics.

In 1994 he was commissioned by the Lombardy Region to design a new methodology for the development of industrial products. Since 2010 he has been the artistic and technical director of Fontanot, a leading company in the stairs sector. Under his direction, highly innovative products are created that receive internationally acclaimed awards. It actively collaborates with cultural institutions, magazines and newspapers on specific themes of design, technologies and product development. He participates as a speaker at debates and congresses on specific topics concerning the design and development of industrial products.


the products for Ento

Their products have soft or tense shapes, without compromise, to find a clear location within the interior design