VELVET window handle / DK

VELVET, the sober modern design window handle / DK


This door handle mixes a sober and regular external look, with a rounded cross section, intended for the maximum comfort.‎ Thanks to its duality, it's a product extremely discreet and suitable for a wide range of environments.‎

Like all the products in range, Velvet is made of brass: the best material to guarantee finishes without defects, high resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents and for the maximum sensation of weight and solidity to the grip. Available in Chrome, Satin Chrome, high-performance H-Finish Brass and Bronze and S-COATING Matt Black Enamel with anti-fingerprint technology.

The series is complete with door handles and window handles / DK. Available on round and square rosettes, including compact C3 rosettes.

Design: Graziella e Renzo Fauciglietti

Technical drawing