I describe myself as a designer of refined shapes.
I think that shape is the first feature for any kind of product, the rest is important too, but it comes later.
Analysis is an essential step, so I spend a lot of passion and time on it. Then I try to transfer my conclusions on concepts that tell their message the clearer way as possible, always by a delicate touch and a subtle love for detail. Usually, my products ask to be looked “closely”.
I studied Industrial Design in Milan, then I ‘ve got my first job at Zagato car design firm, working also into consumer electronics field. After others experiences, I open my first studio with a leading role. In 2008 I founded my first own agency together with Manuela Bucci, working especially for Indesit Group.
In 2015 I open my own studio, to focus on what I like better and since 2016 I am involved as art director with Salice Paolo, for which I design most of new products.
My clients appreciate me also for brand vision, trend analysis, CMF, photography, graphics and texts that are integral part within communication and promotion job of any good selling product.


the products for Ento

His creative direction ensures that the form always has an aesthetic function and that there is a reason to choose an Ento product: complete an environment, characterize it with an accent, create combinations.