Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and graduated as architect at the University of Florence, Italy. Established in Milano where collaborated at the architectural firms of Marco Zanuso and Atelier Alchimia.

In 1992 opened a proper studio in Milano operating in architecture, interior design, exhibition setting and industrial design. Architecture occupied the minor part of activity but vivid enough for giving place to projects as a school near Milano, villas in Qingdao (china and Dominican Republic, showrooms in Milano, Beijing, Moscow and Dubai, projects for urban and comunity spaces, apartments in Italy, China and Israel.

The activity of designer, through projects to consultancy and artistic direction, went growing and gaining reputation in different sectors as home decoration, illumination, bathroom articles, kitchen and tableware, heating, sport articles, decoration and applicated art.

Invited for workshops and speeches, public and academic, in Milano, Padua, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Beijing, Guangdong. Painting and photography exhibitions in Milano, Florence, Tel-Aviv and San Marino.

The creative and productive activity continues in all directions offering fresh new suggestions and solutions through a personal and particular point of view, eclectic and ironic, conferring a ‘soul’ to every new project. Technology applied to matter, the shape and the individual approach express character, emotions, pleasance and communication.

“Some certain significance lurk in all things, else all things are little worth, and the round world itself but an empty cipher except to sell by the cartload...”

Herman Melville

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When design is inspired by every aspect of everyday life and by the forms of nature, it creates familiar objects that establish an immediate empathy with the user.